About Impero

When all the elements of our planning finally came together, everything lined up like a solar eclipse. Our structures were set, and we were out of the starting blocks with a bang, like a fine-tuned athlete seeking a well-deserved victory; and we've never looked back.

You want to know more? Of course...

Impero has been with us forever. Not as a company, but as a philosophy in everything we do. We are about fairness, service, relationships, value for money, and quality. And of course, the odd Friday afternoon off for playing computer games or going to the movies.

For a short while, Impero explored with various IT services, and although successful, we went back to our roots later in our opening year to focus on what we specialize in: the Web. All our other services are now offered only as value added services, should our clients need them.

Officially established in 2012, Impero has grown from strength to strength, and has done work for many large clients, including Elexions Agency, HSRC, CSIR, Promise Digital, Hoopla Creative, PC International, Just the Job, Infomed and Viga Interactive.