Address Validation

Over the years, you have built up a large database of your client details. Of course you have... right? RIGHT?

It is not too late!

Well, if you haven't, it is not too late too start. We get it - we know why this is always left for last - it is effort! Hard work that nobody in your organisation seems to have the time to do. That is why you have to outsource it to specialists in the field, armed with the tools to make the slog easier.

Futhermore, in conjunction with our mail house partners, we offer address validation services to the South African Post Office (SAPO) regulations. This is called PAMSS grading, and once obtained for your database, you are entitled to large discounts from SAPO and due to corrected addresses, less wastage in postage costs. Imagine reducing undeliverable post from over 25% to just under 8% on a database of 100,000 letters - a saving well over R 20,000.00.