Email database scrubbing

Data capturers have their hands full trying to decipher some of the content that people write on competition entry forms, or loan application forms.

The need to know...

Spelling mistakes to creep in, and sometimes people just simply provide incorrect details. Our email database scrubbing system, another Impero in-house solution, helps to clean out the cruft from the valid entries. Our system is intelligent enough to tell you that harry.potter@gmail.c is not a valid e-mail address. It is also clever enough to understand that it should actually be These replacement settings are constantly maintained, and can be applied or disabled for any campaign, depending on your needs.

While we cannot check whether is an existing address that will actually have a respondent on the other side, we know with 100% certainty that harry.potter@gmail.c is not a valid e-mail address, and we can either let you know of this problem or automatically correct it. For those that cannot be automatically fixed, you can decide whether you want to use our validation services to try and obtain valid (or more recent) e-mail addresses to replace the invalid ones.