Ahhh, hello there! Nice to see you.

Welcome to Impero Consulting, an information technology consultancy firm specialising in web-based solutions primarily to corporate clients. Unofficially, Impero Consulting has been established in 2001 as NetGold Productions when founder Kobus Myburgh started his first part-time company, where an ethos was cultivated that set the ground rules for how we deal with our clients and suppliers, the services we offer, and how we tackle our daily grind.

Based on this ethos, Impero officially opened their doors in 2012 in full-time capacity, as a company trusted for their products and services (and service!) while we talk and work over a nice cuppa joe.

Impero - It's IT, only simpler.


Humble beginnings.

When all the elements of our planning finally came together, everything lined up like a solar eclipse. Our structures were set, and we were out of the blocks with a bang.

For a short while, Impero explored with various IT services, and although successful, we went back to our roots later in our opening year to focus on what we specialize in: the Web.

All our other services are now offered only as value added services, should our clients need them.

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It's IT,
only simpler.

It's IT, only simpler.

Impero - It's IT, only simpler.

Our Services

Our primary services include bulk SMS and bulk e-mail messaging, online elections management, database management and bespoke web development solutions, all driven from web-based systems developed in-house.

As our primary systems are developed in-house, we own the code to it, and we know the systems by heart. This allows us to customize each and every system to suit your needs.

This is our competitive advantage.

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Impero - It's IT, only simpler.


The title says it all. We are involved.

We are not only involved with our clients, suppliers, products and services, but also with our community.

We actively participate in humanitarian charities as well as charities for our four-legged friends.

Charities that we support are:

  • FEED SA - Financial, website
  • NCAT - Board, financial, website
  • Kitty and Puppy Haven - Financial
  • Be Wise, Sterilise - Financial, website
  • The Character Company - Financial, website

Impero - It's IT, only simpler.

Our work

Keeping your flame alive...

Besides our flagship products, Elexia, Valida and DreamSMS, we develop intricated back-end workflow systems for the corporate market, such as administration systems, quoting and invoicing systems, stock control systems, event planning systems and logistics systems.

Recently, we have done work for:

  • HSRC
  • CSIR
  • Elexions Agency
  • KDBS Solutions
  • True Mail Solutions
  • Hoopla Creative
  • Amok Digital
  • Publica
  • Promise

The latter four are integrated digital and above-the-line agencies, and for these prestigious agencies, we were honoured to do work for Vodacom, Eduloan, Peppadew, Renault, Birdlife SA, Respublica, CNA and Edgars.

Impero - It's IT, only simpler.

Get in touch with us

In order to get in touch with us, you need to jump through 7 hoops, and send a fire cracker to the moon.

Just kidding!

Getting in contact with us is as simple as sending an e-mail to one of the following addresses, or give us a call...

  • Sales - fairness @ impero . co . za
  • General enquiries - quality @ impero . co . za
  • Charity and Corporate Responsibility - charity @ impero . co . za
  • Support - quality @ impero . co . za
  • Careers - fairness @ impero . co . za

We apologise: We are currently experiencing problems with our land-lines. You can call us on 0820438488.

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Impero - It's IT, only simpler.