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About Impero Consulting

"When all the elements of our planning finally came together, everything lined up like a solar eclipse. Our structures were set, and we were out of the starting blocks with a bang, like a fine-tuned athlete. We have never looked back."

More about Impero Consulting

Impero Consulting was established in 2012 and has built a reputation as a company trusted for their service, services and products. As a philosophy, Impero Consulting has been with us forever. Fairness, service, relationships, value and quality.

Impero Consulting is known among its clients as the "Ray Donovan" of the web. When other service providers say, "It cannot be done," we say, "Let's figure it out." Although Impero Consulting focuses on web-related technologies, we offer all kinds of IT services through a vetted network of professionals.

Since 2012, we have done work for:

  • PwC
  • HSRC
  • CSIR
  • PC International
  • Infomed
  • Amok Digital
  • ...and many others.

Impero Consulting specializes in

  • Enterprise Web Development
  • SEO
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Email
  • Database Management

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