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Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)

"Impero is actively involved in the welfare of our communities. We are involved with animal care charities as well as humanitarian charities. It is easy to donate money, and we do that, but we also donate our time and expertise."


The National Cat Action Taskforce (NCAT) was officially launched across South Africa in May 2010. NCat is not your usual animal-care NGO. The reason for this is twofold: They operate countrywide, and exist primarily to help other organisations.

Impero's founder, Kobus Myburgh, is a member of the board of NCAT, and also their resident technical person. Impero developed and maintains NCAT's website, as well as contribute financially both on a monthly basis as well as for ad-hoc projects.

Kitty and Puppy Haven

Kitty and Puppy Haven's mission is "To rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to injured, abused, neglected and abandoned animals from squatter camps, townships and other low-income areas, by providing veterinary treatment, primary healthcare and sterilisation, ultimately securing permanent, loving homes. To educate owners and to provide primary healthcare to animals from Alexandra Township."

Impero is proud to work together with KPH to raise funds. We are monthly financial contributors to them, and we also do social media fundraising efforts to raise more money for them.

Be Wise Sterilise

One female dog and her offspring, in 6 years, can be responsible for the birth of 67,000 dogs. One female cat and her offspring, in 7 years, can be responsible for the birth of 420,000 cats. This is why Be Wise Sterilise was born. To make people aware of the need of sterilisation. We all get them: these e-mails asking for pets that need to be rehomed. While those will never stop, we can prevent some of them by advocating sterilisation. Cute today, homeless tomorrow.

Impero helped BWS by creating their website, and also hosting it. We are planning to become more involved in the near future.

Pets Lost and Found

Pets Lost and Found is a service to help reunite people with their pets. You can list a lost pet, or see if someone found your missing pet. A pet is an extension of our families, and their loss can be devastating to all. Visit Pets Lost and Found.

When Impero discovered Pets Lost and Found's site, it was barely functional, and had lots of errors. We have resolved these errors, and continuously improve the site as time passes.