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Impero Consulting Refund policy

Impero has a refund policy in place to pretect you, our client, as well as ourselves.

Refund Policy

Except for the exceptions as listed below, you are entitled to cancel any purchase made from Impero Consulting within 7 days after receiving your product, and be eligible for a full refund, subject to being charged for the return of the product to the seller. Please note that although you are entitled to 'cool off' and cancel your purchase within 7 days, you must return the product in the condition you received it.

Exceptions (no refunds allowed for these products)

  • Audio, video or computer products which have been opened/un-sealed;
  • Products which by reason of their nature cannot be returned (which include, but is not limited to, all electronic products such as eBooks, eMagazines, electronic Vouchers, and any product that can not be returned due to hygiene reasons, such as iPods).

You will only be entitled to a refund in respect of the exceptions listed above in the event and to the extent that any such refund is provided for under the express provisions of this Refund Policy herein below.

Late delivery

If a product purchased is not delivered within the agreed delivery period, or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the product, the ECT Act entitles you to cancel such sale on 7 days notice to the seller of such product, the functionality for giving such notice being provided via e-mail to

Should a product purchased be unavailable, the seller thereof must notify you and issue a full refund within 30 days after such notice.

Early cancellations

Save for any purchase of an eBook, eMagazine or electronic Voucher, which cannot be cancelled once purchased, you are entitled to cancel (either in whole or in part) any sale without attracting any cancellation and/or administration charges if you cancel prior to the packaging of the products so sold. Such early cancellations can only be effected via e-mail to

If timeously cancelled as aforesaid, you will be fully refunded in respect of such cancelled sale (including delivery charges), without any administrative or other charges being payable; provided that, should a sale only be partially cancelled and delivery charges as re-calculated on the value of the revised order exceed the delivery charges as calculated on the original order, you shall be liable for the amount of such excess delivery charges.

Defective, damaged, or unsuitable products

If, within 3 months after delivery of a product to you, you find that the product is defective/faulty, unsuitable for the purpose for which it was indicated in the product description (or otherwise generally intended), not legal, or not reasonably durable (based on circumstances and product type) (hereinafter referred to as being "Defective") and you arrange to return such product to Impero Consluting for inspection in the manner described in the "Arranging Returns" section below (being the ONLY manner in which returns will be accepted). If the product is found to be defective, your are entitled to either have the product repaired, replaced or returned to Impero Consulting for a full refund. Should the product be found to be not defective, you will be held responsible for all costs incurred by Impero Consulting to determine that the problem is not defective, and to return the product to you.

A product is NOT defective when:

  • Faults occur resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • Where you, or someone unauthorised to do so by Impero Consulting, has altered or damaged the product. IMPORTANT: you should refuse to accept delivery of any product which is visibly damaged, and if you only discover the damage after the courier has left, then you must report it to Impero Consulting as soon as possible and within 48 hours. If only reported after 48 hours, it is reasonable for Impero Consulting or its suppliers to determine that the damage was caused post delivery;
  • Encoding on DVDs not being compliant with your zone (save where the encoding was incorrectly specified in the relevant product description);
  • Electronic hardware or software (including computer games) purchased by you which are not compatible with your operating system and/or existing hardware. Consequently, before purchasing any electronic hardware or software, please confirm that same is compatible with your existing hardware and operating system. System requirements are usually available on the manufacturer's website

Non-defective products

Products which are NOT defective, damaged or unsuitable as discussed above, but which you want to return for whatever reason, can be returned within 7 days from delivery, as explained above under "Non-defective products - cooling off", by arranging for returns as explained above.

If you wish to return any non-defective product delivered to you for a refund as aforesaid, please do not remove the product from its original packaging and/or use or wear the product. Products need to be returned in mint condition and not have been tampered with. Remember that Impero Consulting may hold you liable for any damage you cause to the product (including its packaging) while in your possession.

If the incorrect product is delivered to you by mistake (if it is not the product you have purchased), please do not remove it from its original packaging, open or use it in any way. Please promptly contact Impero Consulting immediately as per the arranging of returns as explained above.