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Bulk SMS and email messaging

"Due to our high volumes of SMS messages sent, we have built up incredible bargaining power with our SMS providers."

Bulk SMS and bulk email

SMS messages are particularly effective, as most people carry their mobile devices with them wherever they go, and usually take notice of your message within minutes of receiving it.

Email messages, on the other hand, gives you more creative freedom, and a more impactful message.

Combining these two, of course, opens doors you might not even have known existed. Send the SMS that takes them to a web-version of the email you have just sent them – hook them in, then close the deal.

Impero Consulting sends large volumes of SMS and email messages via our trusted suppliers. We have relationships with our suppliers spanning many years, and we have competed for preferential pricing with them, so that we can pass this cost saving on to you. Our pricing will usually beat the pricing you can get directly from the same suppliers, due to our volumes. When you work through Impero Consulting for your next bulk communication, you also get our know-how and experience in these fields at no extra charge.

Combine these two services with our address validation and database management services to significantly improve the delivery and open rate of your communications to your end-users. Our professional copywriting and marketing partners can craft the perfect message for you and your customers.

Finishing off this power-punch package, we can integrate electronic surveys to help you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

We have sent over 170 million messages since 2012. Why not trust us with your next send?