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Database Management

"Data capturers have their hands full trying to decipher some of the content that people write on competition entry forms, or loan application forms."

Why Database Management?

Data capturing is often done by people in entry-level positions, and while it makes sense to do the job as cost-effectively as possible, it is often also a large cause of inaccurate data:

  • Entry-level staff often have no sense of accountability
  • Cheaper labour often comes with language barriers
  • Deciphering manually completed forms often leads to incorrect capturing

By using Impero Consulting’s tools and call-centre providers, you are minimising the above three factors, as our systems automate as many things as possible, and our call-centre partners use the right staff for your audience. Impero Consulting manages this process from start to finish, and holds our suppliers accountable for proper reporting and results.

Our systems can detect if South African cellular numbers are valid, and filter out the sending of messages to invalid numbers, thus saving you cost. We can also verify email addresses for validity, and track undelivered email with full reporting, thus allows the opportunity to rectify any incorrect data by either using our suppliers’ call-centre services, or following up yourself.

Our database management services also include physical and postal addresses, too. Our call-centre suppliers assign dedicated agents to your project, using their telephones and staff and Impero Consulting’s database management systems, to keep your database clean, lean, updated and accurate.